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How to call Python file from within PHP?

December 29, 2020 | PHP | by admin

In Linux you need to do two things1) make python file executable sudo chmod +x testd.py 2) make sure you defined the environment where python is getting executed #!usr/bin/<path of python env> 3) use escapeshellcommand() to include python file and shell_exec() to execute it. You can pass command line arguments also as params In PHP use […]

Catch Fatal Errors in PHP

July 29, 2017 | PHP, PHP Errors | by admin

In this instructional exercise we will perceive how to get the FATAL Error in PHP. Ordinarily we can’t reserve FATAL Error on the grounds that those are FATAL. This will be valuable when you need to demonstrate particular all around arranged blunder page as opposed to PHP Error, when your program closes out of the […]